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Stop Spending Thousands Endlessly

Patching Your Commercial Roof!

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Seal It and Forget It

Say goodbye to constant roof repairs and leaks. With Solid Seal Roofing's silicon seal solution, your commercial roof is set for decades. Our durable and cost-effective treatment ensures leak-free peace of mind, backed by a 20-year warranty.


SHERWIN WILLAMS® 20 Year Warranty

Making an investment in roof restoration is an important decision. To have the added peace of mind knowing that a high-performance roof system was professionally installed by an authorized contractor and that it is backed by one of the roofing industry’s best warranties makes that decision easier. 


Why Traditional Patches Fall Short

Short-Term Fix: Patches often offer temporary solutions, failing to address underlying issues.

Leak Relocation: Patchwork tends to shift leaks to other areas, creating a frustrating cycle.

Cost Accumulation: The costs of repetitive patching can quickly add up, surpassing the investment in a more durable solution.

Fast, Free, and Accurate Estimates

Simply enter your address and let us do the work. Using satellite imagery, we accurately measure your roof, delivering a precise preliminary quote right to your inbox. It's easy, efficient, and exceptionally accurate.

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Why Silicon Roofing Works

Superior Protection: Silicon forms a seamless, water-tight layer over your roof, preventing leaks and shielding against weather damage.

Durability: Unlike other materials, silicon doesn't degrade, chip, or peel over time, making it a long-lasting solution for roof protection.

Energy Efficiency: Silicon's reflective properties help reduce heat absorption, thereby lowering cooling costs for your building.

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Get A Free Satellite Quote!

Fast and free, get your satellite quote in less than 24 hours (M-F). At Solid Seal Roofing, we value your time and strive to provide prompt, accurate estimates to help you make informed decisions quickly.

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